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Hebei furniture exports in the first three quarters of 2020 reached 4.59 billion yuan

The total output value of the furniture manufacturing industry in Hebei Province has been on a growth trend. As of October 2020, the province has completed a total furniture output value of 59.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.6%. Furniture exports still maintain a high growth trend, with exports of 4.59 billion yuan from January to September. , An increase of 25.1% year-on-year. However, there are relatively few large and medium-sized furniture companies, more than 87% are small and micro enterprises. Small and micro enterprises can help achieve industrial development in competition and cooperation, but they have problems such as product homogeneity, vicious competition, and weak technology. , Furniture companies must continue to carry out quality innovations to realize the new development of the furniture industry in Hebei Province.

Production process reengineering is an important way for modern enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Production process reengineering is to re-arrange the management methods, organizational structure, technical measures, and procurement system in the production process of the enterprise, so that the enterprise can provide high-quality products to the market in the shortest time according to market demand and at a price that the market can accept.

The furniture industry is a civilian production industry that guarantees the basic lives of the people, and it is also a fashion industry that improves and optimizes the living environment. But the brand is the most fundamental competitiveness in the global economy. With economic progress and the rapid development of the Internet, product differentiation has weakened. At the same time, the level of consumer demand has increased and consumption habits have changed. It is difficult for products or services without a brand to survive. . Furniture companies should make full use of advanced information technologies such as the Internet and big data to actively adapt to the characteristics of consumers’ individualized and diverse needs and actively develop “customized furniture.” At the same time, with changes in product sales models, companies must continue to upgrade the production, circulation, and sales process of products, and reshape the business structure and ecosystem.


Post time: Jul-14-2021